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Starter Package

A solution that can be completed within days.  Designed for smaller businesses that want to get up and running, fast.  We implement the core functionality with quality, speed, and efficiency.

A Custom Implementation

  Accounts  |  Contacts  |  Leads

Opportunities  |  Activities  |  Analytics

 Custom Package


A solution tailored to your needs.  We'll design, build, and deliver a stellar CRM system with our proven implementation method. 

Our Implementation Process

To start the project, we come up with a team roster and a game plan.


  • Connect with Stakeholders (Executive Sponsorship, Subject Matter Experts) and determine project roles
  • Ensure appropriate people are available for decision making and system requirements
  • Review project methodology, timeline, and scope
  • Establish measurable outcomes and success factors


  • Requirement gathering sessions. This is when we get down to the details on your current process, what you need, our recommendations, and how we can build a great solution for you
  • Draft initial requirements and review with Stakeholders

This is an iterative phase, where we complete a series of design and build sprints to get to the final solution.


  • During this phase, we will apply best practices to design a great solution that fulfills your needs


  • This is when we leverage our countless hours of experience clicking and coding in Salesforce to create something magnificent


  • Iterate through the Design and Build steps so we get the solution just right

During this phase, we make sure the system is populated with the information you need.

  Collect Data

  • Understand what data you currently have
  • Obtain user information
  • Export the data and perform backup

  Prep Data

  • Cleanse data and map fields - Determine how data will fit into new CRM system
  • Create load files
  • Verify with client the files are correct

  Load Data

  • Perform loads
  • Verify data is correct and ready for Go-Live

  Schedule Data Loads

  • Set up automated loads/extracts for the future
  • Deliver final import files to client

This is the last check of the system to make sure we're good to go.

  Application Testing and End User Acceptance

  • Final check that the client is happy and the End-Users will be happy
  • Establish "Super Users" to help with user adoption

The home stretch!

  End User Training

  • Set up users in a training environment and provide hands-on instruction
  • Provide "Quick Reference Cards" to users for their future use


  • Activate users
  • Celebrate!

  Post Go-Live Support

  • Assist with post-deployment support and system administration transition

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  I've been using Salesforce for a while, and I want to get more out of it   

Maybe you didn't have the time or resources to turn on that cool piece of functionality during the first go-around.

Or perhaps you want better metrics and more useful dashboards.

Maybe you just need some repairs to your configuration.

We'll take your CRM to the next level.


  I need an expert to help manage my sandboxes and environments   

We get it, managing meta-data and setup-data between environments is not an easy feat.  It can get complicated quickly.

Data can just start flying everywhere... Whether you need help with sandboxes or merging two separate orgs - don't fret.

We've done this countless times.

You can count on us to synch your environments, migrate or merge your configuration, and set you up with a plan for future success.

  I need to get data from Point A to Point B   

Loading data is an art and a science.

Don't feel like you have to take it on yourself.

We love data loading.

  My users need help learning the system   

You need someone to help get your users up to speed with the system.

Or perhaps you have someone who needs hands-on Administrator training.

We'll put Salesforce into a language and curriculum that's easy to understand.

  I need Administration support, Pronto!   

You need support, but don't have an Admin at the moment.

No worries, we can help.


No matter the problem, we have a solution.

We've got you covered. 

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